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CInet::Adhesive - Blackbox selfadhesivity testing


    my $bool = is_selfadhesive($A, $oracle);


This module implements a structural selfadhesivity test using an oracle
for the base family of CI relations.


Two functions are exported by default:

    my $bool = is_selfadhesive_at($A, $oracle, $I)
    my $bool = is_selfadhesive($A, $oracle, $orders);

### is\_selfadhesive\_at

    my $bool = is_selfadhesive_at($A, $oracle, $I)

Tests if `$A` is selfadhesive at the set `$I` with respect to the family
defined by `$oracle`. That coderef must accept a CI structure on any
ground set and decide if it belongs to the family or not.

### is\_selfadhesive

    my $bool = is_selfadhesive($A, $oracle, $orders)

This function calls [is\_selfadhesive\_at](#is_selfadhesive_at) with
all subsets `$I` that have cardinality in the arrayref `$orders`.
If `$orders` is not given, it defaults to all possible orders between
0 and the dimension of the cube of `$A`.


Tobias Boege <>


This software is copyright (C) 2020 by Tobias Boege.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0.