Conditional Independence Net

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# Enumeration by CI axioms

After [installing CInet::Tools](/tut/installation), you can start the
program `CImake` which is part of `CInet::Tools`:

``` console
$ CImake

This presents you with a REPL (read-eval-print loop) for you to enter
Perl code, similar to [`polymake`]. The REPL is just an interface to a
standard Perl interpreter with all the CInet modules loaded.

Using [`CInet::Propositional`], axioms for CI structures can easily
be written down. Let's define semigraphoids and determine their counts:

``` console
0> propositional semigraphoids = cube (ijk|L) -> (ij|L) & (ik|jL) => (ik|L) & (ij|kL);
1> semigraphoids(3)->count
$res[0] = 22
2> semigraphoids(4)->count
$res[1] = 26424

[`CInet::Propositional`]: /doc/CInet::Propositional